Whatever we do Patriots Nation, it will never be enough for Patriots haters. The envy, the jealousy, the hate are what they see or what they only want to see when they watch a Patriots game. Coming back from 10 points to beat the Seahawks in the 4th quarter? Yeah but Brady deflated some footballs and he cheated, oh and the Seahawks should had run the ball. Coming back from 25 points deficit to beat the Falcons in the greatest Superbowl ever? Yeah but the Falcons choked. Coming back from 10 points deficit to beat the Jaguars in the 4th quarter? They paid the refs, the game is rigged for the Patriots.

You get the point. At some point in time, you’d expect they will admit and accept the Patriots greatness but that time may never come. Arguing with them with factual facts has become a waste of time because just like in politics, it gets you nowhere. They’re totally brainwashed, they just don’t want to see it or admit it. They will never credit us and accept the fact that the Patriots are a superior dynasty. They will always find an excuse to discredit. That’s the reality of the situation, which is sad because Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, this magnificent duo is once in a life time event and everyone who loves and understands the game of football should be appreciative of what they’re witnessing.

Well, the lead ref at the end of the game, a person who understands football and appreciated what he witnessed, approached Brady and congratulated him as you can see in this short video below. Patriots haters lost their minds.

I don’t get it, what’s so wrong with congratulating the greatest QB of all time? Another incident where a ref was “caught” in the middle, surrounded by Patriots players after a Touchdown celebration. The ref initially thought the players were fighting and he wanted to break it up but he then realized the players were all Patriots players celebrating a Touchdown so he laughed and the Patriots players laughed. Everyone is having a good time, isn’t that the end goal of sports anyway? To have fun? Well not for the haters, they also lost their minds over it.

Whatever we do, whatever we accomplish, they will never credit us. The higher we climb, the more they hate. New England vs Everybody, that’s right. The New England Patriots team knows it, Bill Belichick knows it, Patriots players know it and we as fans of this great team know it. It’s us vs. everybody. Haters hate winners. That’s not going to change, embrace the hate as we head to another Superbowl.