At the moment, there are three starting NFL quarterbacks that were with the Patriots during training camp this summer. Besides Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo is starting with the 49ers and Jacoby Brissett is starting with the Colts. Since Garoppolo took over with the 49ers, he’s 4-0, including a big win over the Jaguars on Sunday.“I am happy for the success that he’s had. I’ve talked to him about that,” Belichick said. “Jimmy worked hard, Jacoby worked hard, and they both have gotten an opportunity. We have another good quarterback here with Brian [Hoyer], who has been working very hard. He’s done a great job for us in the opportunities that he’s had. Obviously, a lot of those are on the practice field, but he has done a great job for us there. Happy for Jimmy and that Jacoby got the opportunity.”

As for the Patriots’ win over the Bills, one of the big plays of the game was an overturned Kelvin Benjamin touchdown at the end of the half. Many believe it should have stayed a touchdown, but Belichick believes the NFL got it right.

“Yeah, I didn’t think he had possession of the ball,” he said. “Well, I think there were a couple of replays that it was hard to tell. The one that is facing him where he bobbles the ball, I am not sure he got one foot down. It didn’t look like he had possession of the ball. He bobbled it and when he finally gained possession of the ball, again, I am not sure he had one foot in bounds.”

Rob Gronkowski had another monster game against his hometown team, finishing with five catches for 67 yards and a touchdown, as well as drawing several big pass interference penalties. His touchdown was a spectacular one-handed grab in the corner of the end zone.

“That catch that he made on the touchdown was — you see a lot of good catches in this league and we’ve seen Rob make a lot of great catches,” Belichick said. “That ball, when it leaves Tom’s hands you think it is going out of bounds, it is going to land over by the wall somewhere. That was a great catch, and it was thrown obviously in a way where only Rob could get it, and Rob got it probably only as Rob could get it.”