From the infamous “we’re on to Cincinnati” three years ago to “I’m not talking about it” – “we’ll see” today, Brady has learned from the master Bill Belichick on how to handle the media and set the correct narrative that would most benefit the team.

He took the podium rocking two red gloves and a black beanie. He was relaxed, smiling often and answering questions related to his hand’s injury with “we’ll see” and “I’m not talking about it” adding more fuel to the fire which has spread not only nationally and has made every sports talk show but also internationally.

Here’s a transcript of the first few questions of the press conference:

Question: Tom, how’s your hand?

Tom Brady: “I’m not talking about it.”

Q: Thumbs up or thumbs down for Sunday?

TB: “We’ll see.”

Q: Did you throw any footballs today?

TB: “I’m not talking about that.”

Q: Did you practice today?

TB: “I was out there.”

Q: How was practice?

TB: “It was fun.”

It sure is a lot of fun for those Jaguars who are already getting drained both mentally and planning-wise regarding what Quarterback are the Patriots going to start and in relation to what should they focus more on: The run game or the pass game.

Back to Brady’s hand, is it a fracture? A ligament? A Broken bone? According to Michael Felger from the 98.5 The Sports Hub, it was a cut from hitting the buckle on someone’s helmet. Four stitches around the knuckle, should not affect him. Here’s the tweet:

Michael Felger says he’s very confident in his source. So there you have it, four stitches. Up to you to believe in the accuracy of the source but if you ask me personally, all of these reports, sources and speculations don’t matter because at the end of the day, all l’m looking for is Brady’s first couple of throws come Sunday afternoon. He will not miss this game. The question is, how comfortable he will be throwing!