UPDATE: Brady was back at practice but he didn’t participate in team practice. Therefore, he was listed as DNP later on. DNP (did not practice) is supposed to refer to team practice only and not the individual practice.



In the short video, Brady could be seen wearing red gloves on each hand as he went with regular practice drills with his teammates. The video doesn’t show him neither throwing nor participating in play drills. We still yet to see the impact of the injury on his playing capability.

Regardless of what’s the reality of the situation with his hand, Brady isn’t going to miss this AFC Championship Game. Heck, he’ll teach himself how to throw with the left in 3 days and come Sunday he will still throw better than Tim Tebow. That’s how much of a competitor he is! But without a doubt this Sunday all of us will be watching closely and measuring the zip and accuracy of the throws. Moreover, what to watch for is if the Patriots are going to overwhelmingly run the ball to start the game, that could be a sign on how severe the injury is.

Brady is expected to address the media Thursday after practice. He missed the press conference Wednesday afternoon due to a meeting with the medical staff regarding his hand.

We should note that Rex Burkhead, Mike Gillislee and Alan Branch were also limited at practice this Thursday with injuries, according to the injury report release by the Patriots.