The best seat location involves a lot of personal preference. There are a lot of trade offs between price, distance from the field, viewing angle, exposure to elements, and ease of entry/exit. Here’s the seat map (including some pricing information). You should note that sections 225 and 238 are Non-Alcohol Sections. If you plan on drinking, don’t get tickets there or you will have to drink only in the concourse and not at your seats.

Ticket prices vary based on location in the stadium (obviously), and starting in the 2014 season, by opponent. For this season (2016), the base price games are the Texans, Bills, Rams, Ravens, and Jeys. The “Marquee” games of the Dolphins and Bengals are about 25-35% more than those, and the “Elite” game of the Seahawks is 45-55% above the base price. The following chart lists some of the benefits of each location. Keep in mind that the east side of the stadium (Patriots sideline) will have more sun than the west side (visitor sideline).

Seat LocationPriceDistanceViewing AngleElementsAccess
Upper cornerLowestFarFair, overheadExposed to overhead and windLongest walk to exits
Upper sidelineLowFarGood,overheadExposed to overhead and windLongest walk to exits
Upper midfieldMedium-LowFarGreat,overheadExposed to overhead and windLongest walk to exits
Mezzanine CornerMediumMediumGood, overheadMost seats exposed to overhead, partially protected from windEasy walk to exits
Club sectionHighest ++MediumGreat, overheadPartially exposed, access to protected concourse with windowsPrivate access from private lots
Lower corner/endzoneMedium-HighClosePoor (great for 1/3 of field)Exposed to overheadEasy walk to exits
Lower sidelineHighCloseGoodExposed to overheadEasy walk to exits
Lower midfieldHigherCloseGreatExposed to overheadMedium walk to exits

Handicap Accessible Seating: The stadium does sell handicap accessible tickets but they sell out quickly (like all tickets). What many people don’t know is that you can buy regular tickets and exchange them for handicap accessible seating at the ticket office on the day of the game. These seats are located between the 200/300 levels. The ticket office will try and accommodate everyone in the party but they only guarantee a spot for the person who is handicapped and one guest. If for some reason someone in the party can not get a seat the way that the seating is set up makes standing room in the area available and convenient.